"Who else wants to learn a virtually  risk-free way to Invest in Real Estate that is so Powerful it is like having your own private  ATM machine that spits out cash on demand?"

Mark Evans DM enjoying his beach house balcony

Miami, FL

From the Balcony

Miami, Florida

Dear Real Estate Entrepreneur,

My Question for YOU is…

What if Everything you have been taught about investing in real estate is backwards?

My biggest fear

when I started investing in real estate was not if I could find the deals but what the heck would happen AFTER I found the deal?

Let me explain.

What if something happened and I had to make a mortgage payment on that property?

What if I couldn’t sell it, Rent it?

Who is going to pay the taxes, upkeep (mowing lawns, electric, gas bills) the list goes on and on?

These were some of my Biggest Fears.

And I know that I 

am not alone!

Most people today have a hard enough time making their own rent or mortgage payments. What would happen to you if you had to make another payment?  Most would be in BIG TROUBLE!

“Simply Brilliant!”

“There is a ‘new breed’ of investors that re-defines how real estate investing is done today.

Mark Evans DM is certainly one of those ‘New Breed’ investors.

His Reverse Real Estate System is truly ‘cutting edge’ information.

We especially love Mark’s strategy for making money on a home regardless of whether or not you buy the home!

Simply Brilliant!

You would be smart to get a copy of this course in your hands ASAP!

I know we did!”

TC and Vickie Bradley

Now I am

not motivated by fear, but there had to be a solution to these

problems that would allow me to make a ton of cash in this HUGE real estate game in a way that I could Eliminate All My Fears and without putting at risk 2

of my most important assets (or lack thereof)…

  • My Credit (I had NONE!)

  • What Little Cash 

    I had saved up! ($116.32)

Look, I had the time and the energy that I knew it would take to become successful at this but I did not have the financial resources nor the credit and even if I did, I did not want to risk either one of them.


My quest for that answer took me from boot camp to boot camp, from real estate course to real estate course where I spent literally tens of thousands of dollars, looking for the solution to my 2 biggest fears… and not one time did I find the answer!

Then one day this question popped in my head.
It was like a light 

bulb going off!  That one question changed the course
of my life forever.

What was that one question?…

“What if I had a pool of buyers already lined up, with their checkbooks already opened and waiting like a tiger in a cage ready to pounce at a moments notice, just  to have the opportunity of buying one of my properties?”

Doug has $190,794 reasons why he loves the Reverse Real Estate System!


Mark, this is an awesome and unbelievable day for me. I went to my mail box and take a look at what I just received.

I can’t

believe this – I used to be a “conventional Real Estate broker” but now with the same techniques you teach I am making more money in a day than I did in a whole year.

This is Awesome. You are to be commended for all your hard work and bringing this information to.

Doug Doebler, Rochester, NY

You see, it is a beautiful thing having people begging to do a deal with you (regardless of your credit or lack of cash).  This POSITIONS you in such a Powerful and Profitable way that you will wonder if it is really supposed to be this



It really is like a hot knife slicing through butter!

One of the many houses we profited from using the Reverse Real Estate System…

Now pull up a chair and listen closely to the benefitsof learning the Reverse Real Estate System…


  • No cash needed! 

  • No credit (you can bein the middle of bankruptcy and still do this)!
  • No License required!
  • You can do this business anywhere!
  • No Boss! (I hate those guys)
  • You do not needto be some slick used car salesman!
  • No office required! (just need a kitchen table, fax, phone, computer)
  • Never pickup a hammer again (Never do a rehab again)!
  • You do not EVER have to buy a piece of real estate to Make Money!
…just for reading this far I have a special gift for
up for FREE
to receive
Tips and Strategies showing you why
The Reverse Real Estate System is
taking the Real Estate Investing
world by storm!


Your email 

address will never
be rented, traded or sold.
We guarantee your confidentiality

  • This is so Easy and there is No Competition!
  • Discover how toputtogether your Million Dollar Team that will simplify your business and explode your profits at no cost!
  • I show you how to create Multiplestreams of revenue (this stuff is Powerful and Profitable)
  • How to never waste your time or profits again.
  • Never Deal With those cocky bankers again.  (I hate those guys too.)  Ifyou’re not Bill Gates or Trump you’re not getting a loan these days, especially with investment properties.
  • Never show a property again (…unless you want to?)
  • And much, much more! with the Reverse Real Estate System you will be able to make Cash on Demand.

It’s all inside my “cutting edge” 

Reverse Real Estate System!

Real Estate Investing Will Never Be the Same!

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Let me give you just a tiny peek of what’s 

inside this amazing

Reverse Real Estate System:

  • I’m going to go in detail about how to put dealstogether step-by-step from start to finish the way I do.  You can be profiting within10 days or less.  Even if you’re new at real estate investing!
  • You are going to get the exactforms I use daily to put these deals together.  Not only do I give them to you,I show you how to fill them out properly.

    I include the 2 forms that you must have if you’re investing in real estate.

    Do not do another real estate deal unless you use these 2 forms!

    Trust me, these 2 forms cost me more than $4,800.00 to create with lawyer fees.

    Not only that, over 9 years of all the lost income from not using these forms.  I lost tens of thousands of dollars by not having these 2 forms.

  • I go into detail on how to makethousands of dollarson deals even if they are 100% financed. No one even knows about this dirty little secret I use and I will show you how to do the same.
  • You will understand why the wayeverybody else is doing real estate investing is totally wrong (and why you will never see Real Estate Investing the same).
  • Why you don’t need to be a landlordto make cash flow. (That’s old school mentality.)
  • I’m going to lay it all out to youandshow you 2-4 ways to make cash flow off of deals that don’t require you to do anything but send a couple of emails.
  • I give you the exact marketing materials I use which are so predictable to generate so much actionthat you won’t know what to do… or will you?  You can turn thecash faucet on and off at your will.
  • I will show you how to generate 100+ buyers in 30 days or less, begging you to do business with them.(Don’t even think about buying property until you see this.)
  • I show you how to make your ownhours.
  • I reveal to you 3resources I use to generate leads for FREE Daily.
  • I teach you how tosell houses before you even “control” them! (My Favorite)
  • Finally you will know how to make real money in real estate investing… more than you thought possible.
  • I will teach you how to make therules to your real estate empire. (You’re the CEO Now)
  • Once you see how powerful theReverse Real Estate System really is, it’s like having the keysto the bank vault.
  • Eliminate all your fears with the realestate investing business forever with this one simple-to-implementstrategy I show you.
  • Become a local professional withinrecord time.  This will position you to be sought out from the otherinvestors, beating down your door trying to do business with you.
  • This one little technique I use to getthe other investors scratching their heads wondering how you are makingso much money. (Hmmm…?)
  • I lay out a 10-day Action Plan to Profits.
  • I show you how to do most, if notall, of the work at home.  (This is one of my favorite parts.)
  • Once you understand these strategies,you will quit spinning your wheels.The only thing you may be doing issquealing your tires, heading to the bank to cash your checks.
  • Never be at the mercy of thecash flow crunch again.
  • I hated being a landlord, but if youenjoy it and still want to be one, then you can’t live without this easyway to add to your portfolio with ease.  And you never need to get a newmortgage again.
  • Discover why it’s so important to havea team and make money off their efforts.  (I’m telling you right now, you’relosing tens of thousands of dollars not using this technique.)
  • I talk to you about thedeparture from your JOBand when to make that transition.
  • Never lack confidence againwhentalking to Sellers, Buyers, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Title Companies,Other Investors,etc. with the simple strategies I outline.
  • You will see why this is the easiest and most profitable way to do the real estate business.

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Before Today, This CompleteSystem 

Wasn’t Even Available—ANYWHERE!

This is the first time this information has been packaged into an easy-to-use system, but I can’t promise how much longer I can have it available.  There are too many people who would prefer I never shared one single secret inside the Reverse Real Estate System. This offer may not be around tomorrow.

One of the many houses we profited from using the Reverse Real Estate System…

Frankly, it took years of time, effort, and long talks with

buyers, sellers and investors to develop this system.  And if you

tried to do this on your own, you might end up saying the wrong things

and alienating potential buyers and sellers…which would cost you

hundreds of thousands

of dollars.


One of the many houses we profited from using the Reverse Real Estate System…

Don’t take my word for how

Easy and Profitable this

system is.—look

at this Real

Life Example:


“$50,537.50 In
Cold, Hard Cash!”

Listen to Brock:

“WOW—things are going crazy!  This system is WELL BEYOND what I thought was possible.  The crazy thing is, I’ve

only got one sign out, and after 3 weeks I’ve done 7 DEALS!

Tons of cash flow!  This is money well-spent.

Thanks Mark!”

Brock Wade, Grand Junction, Colorado


Here are a few of Brock’s


(click to


Checks don’t lie, and neither do results!

Ok Mark, how much is the investment?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Considering the fact that I have had a boatload of students who have gladly paid $8,900 to learn this innovative system, if I charged you half that, you would still be getting an awesome deal. But I’m going to do better then that.  I’m only going to charge $1,595.00.

As you can see, the awesome success stories you have seen here are real and I look forward to putting yours up next.

The Reverse Real Estate System is going to turn the real estate market upside down, I Guarantee that.

The things I expose to you will make you tens of thousands of dollars.

But let’s be realistic here.  If you are looking for a Get Rich Quick Scheme then move on.  This is no such thing and like I said, go play the lottery.

But if you are absolutely dedicated to creating an awesome real estate empire that will give you “real” multiple streams of Revenue and you recognize an awesome opportunity, then this is what you’ve been looking for.

This is the system that gives you an unfair advantage over your so-called “competition” and will allow you to make more money than you thought was ever possible.  You can spend more time with your family – no more missing your children’s sporting events…

I was fortunate enough to have awesome parents who still to this day I don’t remember them ever missing a game… ever.  Trust me, kids remember those moments and, looking back, I remember seeing my parents in the stands every game.  Not to toot my own horn here but I believe this is why I was such a good athlete.  I always wanted to show my parents how great their son was. (Thanks mom and dad)

This easy-to-implement system will revolutionize the way you see your real estate business.  It’s literally like having the combination to the safe.

You’ve seen some of the many testimonials and real checks that this system is producing.  Of course, you’ve got to apply this system to get results, but it’s so simple a 13 year old can do it.


If you act right now you can get the Reverse Real Estate System for about 50% off of retail value.

That’s right, only $897.00!

Please note: I reserve the right to pull this offer and the price is subject to change without notice.

Once I receive your order I will rush ship it out to you priority mail to jump start your profits.

The sky’s the limit here.  You will be in total control of your future once you receive your copy of the Reverse Real Estate System…

That’s right.  Isaid $897, for a limited time only.

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Just to help “nudge” you along – let me gift you with two big, fat bonuses worth Over $1,000.00 just for jumping on this Awesome opportunity today.

BONUS #1: I’m going to

give you (that’s right, for FREE) a $497 certificate that will allow you to get a jump on your Real Estate Business and maximize your time and help you filter to the cash.  This is the same thing that has cost me over $3K to come up with and it’s yours absolutely Free. (Value: At

least $497)

Bonus #2:

KEYS TO THE GOLD? I will give you access to present your deals to my personal list that allows me to make cold hard cash at will.  You can do this for 6 MONTHS FREE.  This has never been offered to anyone before and,

quite honestly, I don’t know how long this one will be available.  Just think, your deal being seen by thousands of people that are chomping at the bit to buy a property. (Value:  Priceless)

Click HERE to get started right now!

I want to let you in on a little secret… real estate investors who view themselves as being in the Real Estate Business will never build significant wealth.

Need more proof?

Check out what another one of my students has to say:

“$7,000 for 3 hours of work!”

I had no idea when I got involved with the Reverse Real Estate System that such a small investment of time and money could lead to such big returns!”

“It’s hard to trust anyone who’s trying to sell you something, but all I can say is that you should be charging three times what you are – it works that well. And it’s so easy to do… but one that’s making me money every day, so thank you!”

Vanessa Estadt – Gahanna, OH

P.S. Oh, by the way Mark, through the techniques you showed me I got paid by 3 other people on this same deal. “Thank You”


“Even Donald Trump’s Friend Frank McKinney is talking about how innovative and ‘cutting edge’ the Reverse Real Estate system really is.”

Like I have done with creating the ultra high-end oceanfront real estate market, Mark is extremely knowledgeable and is creating his own real estate investing market.

Mark Evans and his career are to be watched and replicated. If you want to Make it Big in real estate, follow Mark’s lead. Contact him if you’re serious about your real estate business.

Frank McKinney


*Huge Best Selling author of

“Make it BIG!” and “Frank McKinney’s Maverick

Approach To Real Estate Success”

Here are 5 of the biggest questions you might be asking yourself right now:

“Sure Mark, it’s easy for you… you are already rich.”

Come on, this is as far from the truth as possible.  I’m so tight with my business that my colleagues say I squeeze a penny so hard I make Lincoln’s nose bleed.

Look, I do the deals exactly like I explain to you.  I “might” put a $10 option fee down.  Yes, you read that right… I might give a $10 option fee.  If $10 is a stretch, then this is not for you.

“Well, how much can I expect to make?”If you are looking for a get rich quick thing, this is NOT for you.  Go play the lottery, that’s a great investment…

Look, this requires some work and if you are not willing to put some elbow grease into it, then save your money… go to the horse track, play bingo, I don’t know.  I only invest my money on Education (Something no one can
ever take from you!) and Real Estate.  That’s it. “The prices in my area are too high.”

Good, more money for you.  The Reverse Real Estate System is a recession-proof biz!  Let me explain, your buyers let you know what they want.  They say, “I want a house for $500K.”  I show you how to get that house at up to 100% LTV (Loan To Value) and still make BIG money… $10K, $15K, $20K, $50K.  Pretty simple huh?

I mean, look around in any real estate market.  People are buying and selling every minute, so it doesn’t matter if you are in Ohio, Michigan, California, Florida, or any other state for that matter.  You still can make a profit.

“I have No Cash and No Credit.”

You don’t have to get any new mortgages, your credit will never be pulled.  You only need $10 (if that) for the deals you will be doing.  So like I said, with the Reverse Real Estate System this Myth is Busted.

“What other expenses can I expect?”

Look, first things first, I want you to do one deal the way I show you.  This will pay for some marketing to grow your Real Estate Empire.  But I will show you how to do this for less than $100!

Jump on this right now before Ichange my mind and pull this system off the market.

Don’t think for a moment this is amarketing ploy.

So act now!

Order Now

Your Partner In Success,

Creator and Innovator of the Reverse Real Estate System.

P.S. I only want to take the next step if you can accept responsibility for yourself.  I don’t want you to take the next step if you plan on being difficult, a whiner, complainer, habitual refunder, or are going to take food off the table.  Your time will come, you know who you are. You must be willing to take massive action.  It’s your call.  You owe it to your loved ones to make as much money as possible.


The way this is put together, it does not get any easier, and for being on my list we are going to give you the opportunity to take us up on this exclusive offer that will change your life in any way you see fit.

So stop cheating all the people you can help with a little effort and desire to succeed by implementing some specialized knowledge to the world.  It’s your choice and your duty to become rich.

Look, I’ve been were you are at and I’m betting I was worse off than most of you reading this but I took responsibility of my life and now I’m living the life I have always imagined and I want to help you do the same.

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